GDPR Policy


GDPR Policy

By applying to become a reseller / credit customer with us, you agree that we store certain personal data about you.

We protect your personal information!

Our goal is to create the best possible service for our dealers. We therefore need certain personal information about our contact persons. Among other things, to be able to handle customer service matters, create orders and invoices, handle and follow up our sales calls, make quotes or provide digital services such as chat or our website.

We collect and handle the following information

Names of our contact persons
Contact address of contact persons
The contact person's work telephone number
Contact email address
Social security number only in case our customer does not have a company that is a legal entity
Information about purchase & history
Information about agreements, form of cooperation, purchase history, order documentation, etc.
Information from interaction with our sales and customer service, such as email correspondence, quotes and meeting notes as well as similar information required to be able to handle our commitments to our resellers

This is how we use your information

Customers (for non-companies that are legal entities) & Contact persons
We collect personal information about our contact persons in order to be able to offer a smooth and well-functioning service to our customers, to be able to deliver full service and to be able to provide you as a customer with relevant information. The information is also used to be able to invoice, offer web orders, register orders and deliveries as well as to prevent fraud and to meet the requirements of the Accounting Act. The information forms the basis for internal market and customer analyzes as well as statistics and method development.

Suppliers and partners

We collect personal information about our contact persons in order to provide partners with relevant information, prevent fraud and to meet the requirements of the Accounting Act. The information also forms the basis for internal statistics and method development.

As long as we save your information

We do not store personal data for longer than there is a need to save them for the area of ​​use for which they are collected. Upon termination of cooperation when no transactions are open or collected area of ​​use has not been used in one year, the data will be deleted. Information that needs to be stored for legal reasons may be stored longer.

This is how we protect your information

We ensure that the processing of your data takes place in accordance with applicable law. The information is handled exclusively on secure servers with us or with a contract assistant where there is an agreement for secure handling of the data. The information is handled only by authorized personnel. We do not pass on or sell personal information to third parties. Personal data may be disclosed only to comply with applicable legal requirements or any requirements from authorities.

Your rights

The new law means that you have a number of rights. Among other things, you have the right to order a register extract of the personal data we have stored about you. If you have more questions about GDPR or our handling of personal data, you are welcome to contact customer service on +46 40 53 84 00 or